London JS Conf Autumn 2014

Javascript focused talks at the Royal institution in London. These are my scrappy notes and vague memories typed up so this may go through quite a few revisions

Talks’ Summary/notes/braindumps

The state of JavaScript – Domenic Denicola

Near future with the web:

Things made JS:

  • Bot controls
  • JS implementation of git
  • PDF JS. This is actually what firefox uses to render pdfs.
  • Flash in JS!! (in progress)

Things in the language:

  • asm.js. c++ compiled in to subset of js. Only 1.5/2 times slower than the c++.
  • JS as the assembly language of the web.
  • Traceur to transpile ecma6 (or .next) to ecma5
  • All the new features planned in ecma6.

Acceptance testing – Vikki Read

  • “Not tdd is debug later development” - quote from agile2014 (can’t remember who she got it from)
  • Tests can make good internal documentation. They don’t rot unlike wikis.
  • Write the tests that give you the confidence for the important parts of the system.
  • Be selective about which and how many tests you run.
  • Slow acceptance tests not necessarily bad. Finding a bug after 12 hours is better than a bug report from a customer in 3 weeks.
  • Shoulda put a test on it

Server-less applications powered by Web Components – Sébastien Cevey

TLDR: Web components and poylmer kick ass. The guardian are open sourcing some nice elements. Especially some for doing metrics/reporting:

Clientside for the win.

Science !!!

A sciency interlude. Who doesn’t love thermite, jelly babies with perchlorate and exploding hydrogen.

Fun With the command Line – Paul King

Fun talk about the command line. Cool demos (including some scrillex sampling). Bit disappointed it wasn’t a talk on js on the command line.

JavaScript ♥ Unicode – Mathias Bynens


A tale in production node.js – Nuno Job

Who gives a talk in vi? Crazy. Some nice ascii art.

TODO: actual content of this talk.

Byte Shifting – Martin Kleppe

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